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2019 Fall Picture Info
Team Pictures

Please use the link on the left side of this page for Package Details (Package A, B, C) and Item Description. The Association of Court House Recreation (ACHR) League does not pay for the services of the photographer, but a small portion (including $1 from Package A, B or C purchases only) is donated to the ACHR's scholarship fund, which is greatly appreciated.

The schedule for taking Fall Sports team/individual pictures will be posted on our website once they are confirmed with our photographer, Game Face Sports 757.

We request that the Team Parent or Coach schedule their team photo session as soon as possible by emailing Joey Mones, the Team Picture Coordinator.

Pictures can be ordered 3 ways and the photographer will cover ALL sales tax for parents.

1) Online Ordering. For parents that order online 2 weeks prior to picture day, the photographer will include (8) wallets for all pre-orders, a $14 value with no price increase. This method requires credit card payment and the link will be turned off the night before picture day.

Prepay link:

2) Day of Picture Ordering. The photographer will have staff at the photo session to take picture orders. No discount applicable. Discount is only applicable to Online Ordering. The photographer will have price sheets/order forms available at the check in table during picture day. To speed up the process, please complete the order form before arriving at the photo session. Use the Order form link on the left side of the page to get order form. As a reminder, all orders must be paid (CASH, CHECK or CREDIT) at the time of photo session.

3) Post Picture Ordering. Parents can order more pictures but this is only applicable to parents who have already purchased previously using either methods 1 or 2 above. As a reminder, all orders must be paid (CASH, CHECK or CREDIT) at time of Post Picture Ordering.

Parents must register online in order to view the Client Galleries. This is applicable only to parents who have already ordered pictures.

For planning purposes, players should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the designated time to allow for the collection of forms and payment. This will ensure that pictures are taken in a timely manner, especially for those teams that are taking pictures before a game.

Although some parents will opt not to purchase pictures, we would like to strongly encourage that parents have their player participate in team pictures on the designated day so that those parents who would like to purchase team pictures will have all members in the photograph. This will also benefit those parents who decide to purchase a team picture. Coaches and Team Parents are reminded that taking pictures are NOT optional. Purchasing pictures are OPTIONAL. Note: The photographer will provide each Coach a FREE 5X7 team photo.