Bulletin Board

ACHR holds open board meetings in February, May, September, and December.

Feel free to attend these meeting so you can get a better understanding of the day to day operations of the association. If you would like an opportunity to speak to the board please email the ACHR President at ACHRpresident@yahoo.com. We welcome constructive and positive comments. Please note that you may be limited to three minutes so please be organized in your comments and concerns. Look for the time and location of these meetings to be posted.

Our elections are held at our December meeting. Interested parties that want to run for an executive board position can contact our Nominating committee at ACHRsports@hotmail.com for details.

We want to remember our honored members that we have dedicated a scholarship on their behalf.
Please remember Max Bennis, Breanne Mahon, Aaron McNair, Alle Gable.
All of these persons participated with ACHR for many, many years and we are proud to have been a part of their lives.